Katya Harris lives and works in Rensselaer, New York. In her current body of work she question the ideologies embedded within mass produced images of people that conform to various tropes and stereotypes. Instead she aims to create representations of people that more accurately consider identity and its complexities. Ultimately, she would like this work to serve as a platform for dialogue about identity and call attention to the importance of accurate identity representation.

Katya's studio practice mixes traditional painting and drawing with photography, video, and installation. Her interdisciplinary approach is inspired by the consumption and critique of contemporary visual culture. With her additional interest in nature, the sciences, and education, Katya believes that art and design are powerful communication tools that allow people to see new perspectives and connections. In addition to creating and exhibiting work, Katya also partners with individuals and groups to create images and designs for a variety of needs with awareness of content, context, and audience.   

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